Why Choose Lithium?

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Why Lithium batteries are everywhere!

Lithium Batteries have been used for years in smart phones and power tools because they are powerful and lightweight. Lithium Battery Systems have developed the control systems to bring the power of lithium battery chemistry into batteries designed for cars, boats, RV’s, caravans and home storage. 

What lithium cells are best and why?

There are several types of lithium-ion chemistry on the market, including lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide and lithium iron phosphate. 

The cells come in different packages including cylindrical prismatic and soft pouch. Cylindrical look like bigger AA batteries while prismatic cells are rectangular about the size of a small book. Pouch is a soft jelly like material which needs outer casings. Lithium iron phosphate is the safest chemistry and prismatic cells are the most efficient and mechanically robust way to package the stored energy.

Beware of lithium batteries using the small cylindrical cells soldered together in plastic boxes using a cheap low quality BMS. Cylindrical cells need sometimes up to 100 spot welds to join them together whilst prismatic cells have sold metal posts that withstand vibration and are suited to be used in tough environments.

So why use lithium over lead acid batteries?


Lithium batteries allow you to pull far more amps out of the same size battery systems.


Lithium batteries are less than half the weight of the equivalent lead acid battery. 


Lithium batteries provide more usable capacity than lead acid batteries. Deep discharging does not affect the life of a lithium battery the way it does with lead acid batteries. You can use the battery longer before needing to recharge, without damage to the battery.


Lithium batteries are rated for 2,000 – 5,000 cycles and much more if used carefully, giving you several times the life expectancy of standard lead acid batteries.


When considering the usable capacity and lifespan of lithium batteries, they work out cheaper than lead acid. When you add the cost and inconvenience of refitting new lead-based batteries every few years the total cost of ownership over the long term is far better with lithium batteries.


Lithium batteries charge more efficiently, and don’t require as many stages during charging. Therefore, they will charge faster, and hold more of the energy from solar panels and other charging device


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