Why won’t my CTEK D250S Dual Charge from Solar Panels?

The CTEK D250 DC-DC Charger will also charge from solar panels while it is getting input from another power source.

What this means is, if you have a CTEK D250 installed in your 4WD, it will charge from solar while your vehicle is turned off, when it is no longer receiving power from the alternator. This allows you to charge from your alternator while you’re on the move, then charge from your solar panels when you’re taking a break; ensuring your batteries are maintained and ready to power your gear. The solar also then starts to recharge your start battery when the service battery has been topped up; leaving you with fully charged batteries while on the move.

It’s also important to take into consideration the type of solar panels you use. The CTEK D250 has a built in solar regulator, so the panels you use do not need additional regulators. If you do use the CTEK D250 with panels that have built in solar regulators, it will still charge but not as efficiently.

You can also assist the power you get from your CTEK D250, by adding a CTEK Smartpass to your system. The CTEK Smartpass is a power management unit, which optimises the charging of the CTEK D250 when very high battery capacity is employed. As the D250S can’t deliver more than 20 amps or so into a 200 amphour battery, yet much larger battery banks need a lot more extra current to fully charge in the same period of time. The CTEK Smartpass allows that extra charge current to be supplied, by switching it through form the alternator in order to maintain your bigger battery bank.

The CTEK Smartpass is not an amplifier, nor a stand-alone battery charger, nor a solar booster, yet it is solely designed to support the CTEK D250 in bigger battery systems by passing heavier current to the battery bank similar to a big electric switch. To get the best benefit, it does require a larger vehicle alternator to power its operation. Simply put - the CTEK D250 is the brains of your installation, while the smart-pass handles the brawn.

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