Why is my Baintech Volt/Volt Meter not displaying a voltage?

The Baintech Volt/Volt Meter will not display the voltage of a single battery unless it is connected to the V1 terminal on the back.

When installing a Baintech Volt/Volt meter,  if you are only measuring the voltage of one battery, you must connect the cables to the terminal marked V1 on the back. If you connect a single battery to the V2 terminal, the Baintech Volt/Volt Meter will function.

The V2 terminal is designed for second batteries only, and must not be used for single battery installs. When you are adding a second battery to your system you can connect the second battery to the V2 terminal on your Baintech Volt/Volt Meter.

Please see the diagram below for more information

BTBM0011-Single Battery

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