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These days many caravanners keep their caravans in storage facilities, these facilities are great, it means you can save space in your garage and ensure that your caravan is kept secure. But when you're getting ready to hit the road again it means you need to drive all the way down to the garage, open up your shed, open your battery banks and check your battery status to make sure you've got enough power to take the comforts of home with you, sometimes you may even need to delay your trip to waste time charging your batteries, but with a Victron power system you can check your battery status from your armchair!

To create your own Victron remote monitoring power system follow our simple guide below:

Invest in a good Inverter charger

Victron Multiplus WebThe basis of any good Caravan power system is a solid inverter charger. The Victron Multiplus Inverter Charger delivers uninterrupted power; it automatically switches between generator/mains and inverter – with no interruption to your energy supply. It’s a sophisticated sinewave inverter, battery charger and power transfer switch all in one compact unit. When you’re away from mains, it makes power as simple as flicking a switch.

To choose the right inverter for your caravan, first your need to realistically assess what appliances you need to give you all the comforts of home. Then consider how much power your appliances are going to draw, and how long are they going to run for. These considerations will help you determine the size of your battery bank, then you simply choose the inverter to match. Available in a variety of output sizes from 800VA to 5000VA, and in 12, 24 and 48VDC, the Victron MultiPlus is an all-in-one, sophisticated sinewave inverter/battery charger/ power transfer switch and can meet virtually any Caravan, RV, boat, UPS or off grid power need.

For more information on selecting the right inverter for your needs check out our article on determining your power budget, or download our battery charger and inverter calculator Bainbridge iPhone App.

Monitor your batteries

BMV-700 State of ChargeKeep track of your battery status with Victron's new BMV700 Battery monitor. Driven by a powerful microprocessor and super-accurate shunt technology, the BMV700 delivers precision monitoring using a simple push button display. If you’re running lights, fridges or a compressor off your battery, the BMV700 places incredibly useful information at your fingertips. The new  battery gauge status bar shows your remaining power.  Its power measurement function (voltage times current) instantly calculates watts. With the BMV700, you no longer have to manually determine your power use, so it’s easy to assess the load on your system and prevent harmful battery discharge or failure.

Along with these new features the Victron BMV 700 will automatically detect if you’re running a 12V, 24V, or 48V battery. It allows you to program a visual and audible alarm for its battery voltage and battery charge/discharge display. You can choose to see your battery’s state of charge, the percentage of energy consumed by the battery and the amount of time you can continue to support the current load. This means you can find out just about everything there is to know about your batteries!

Control and your system, and check on it remotely

BPP000300100-Color Control-GX front on webComplete the system with Victron's new Colour Control GX Panel.The Color Control GX provides intuitive control and monitoring for all of your power system that's connected to it. Besides monitoring and controlling the system the information collected by the Colour Control GX is also forwarded onto the VRM portal, which lets you view the results of your system from any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. There is even an iPhone and android app, making it easier for you to access quickly access the information. Best of all the portal is completely free to use, so once your system is installed you can check up on it anytime, anywhere!

The Colour Control GX Panel has endless possibilities for application, Victron is committed to continually improving and developing the panel, with many functions palnned for future firmware updates. Luckily these updates are incredibly easy and happen automatically as long as the Colour Control GX is connected to the internet. That means this product will be constantly improving with new features and technology at no extra cost!

So don't delay, find your nearest stockist and make your power management easier with a Victron Power System!

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