Baintech 110Ah PowerTop : The Ultimate Portable Power System


Baintech powertop dual battery 4wd install

Whether you’re dreaming of a Cape York adventure, preparing for your yearly Fraser Island camping trip with mates or just want to kick back at your local campsite and need to keep the beer cold, we’ve made it incredibly easy to setup a versatile portable 12V system.

The Baintech PowerTop is an all in one power system with a 110Ah GEL battery that will power your essentials. The multiple input and output sockets (2x Ciga, 2x Engel & double 2.3A USB) will power a variety of electronic gear, from fridges, to inverters, lights, phones, tablets and more.

PowerTop Features:

  • All in one off the shelf power system
  • 12V 110Ah Battery included
  • Built in AC Charger & AC Power lead
  • 3 inputs - AC, DC and Solar
  • 2 x Ciga Sockets
  • 2 x Engel Socket
  • 2 x Universal 2.3A ­USB Socket
  • LED display panel – displays information for the battery and state of charge
  • On/Off switch


The Baintech PowerTop is ideal for campers who want a portable power system. Charge the PowerTop three ways, by using the built in AC battery charger, via your alternator using the blue Anderson plug or via solar connection using the red Anderson plug for unregulated. Pair it with the ultra lightweight and durable 180w BainTuff Foldable Solar Blanket, plug the blanket directly into the PowerTop and it will supply up to 10A of reliable power to keep the PowerTop’s battery charged.

While on the move, a DC-DC charging system like the CTEK D250SA will recharge, maintain, and extend the life of your auxiliary battery via your alternator, or utilise the solar input while set up at camp, giving you the freedom to live the good times for longer.  

A charger like this not only isolates and protects your vehicle start battery, it maintains and conditions your auxiliary batteries while you're travelling

With easy DIY installation, this charger is a fully automatic, 5-stage charger that supplies 20A to 12V batteries of 40-300Ah. It charges quickly, extending battery life and maximising its performance, so you have real power to explore.

Pairing with the Baintuff blanket is a great option because it can draw power from a solar source when the ignition is off. That means you can charge your batteries when you've set up camp to keep them in top condition. Buying a CTEK D250SA will save you money because it has an inbuilt solar regulator.

PT3 Top diagram

PT3 side diagram




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