• STERLING Pro Charge B DC to DC Charger 12V-24V 10A IP68

STERLING Pro Charge B DC to DC Charger 12V-24V 10A IP68

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Sometimes you need to power up your good times quickly – without worrying about weather conditions or salt water. Like when you're fishing for bass and you need to recharge your electric marine motor so you can keep angling for the big one. The ideal solution is the Sterling Pro Charge B from Bainbridge Technologies.

Faster than a standard charger, the Sterling Pro Charge B can power up Lead Acid (Flooded) or Gelbatteries. So you can switch to your outboard motor and be ready for bass fishing again in no time at all.

IP68 protected and lighting fast, this 12V DC to 24V DC multi stage charger is fully automatic, features at-a-glance status indicators and is perfect for small boats with its reverse polarity, ignition and temperature protection.

Quick to charge, the Sterling Pro Charge B is prewired so it's fast and easy to install. Featuring a 2 year warranty, there's nothing to lose!


  • Submersible up to 1m
  • Great for Dual motor Systems
  • 12V input and 12/24/36V output for faster charging
  • Intelligent 4-stage battery charger keeps batteries in top condition
  • Keeps enough power in your start battery to restart your engine
  • Comes with everything you need to easy DIY installation
  • Can be permanently mounted or temporarily installed
  • Reverse polarity, ignition and temperature protection
  • Charge status and power LED indicators

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