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Formulated with food grade ethanol and soda, RidOf Soda Wipes can be used to clean various surfaces, from table tops, fridges, bars and in kitchens.

RidOf wipes make cleaning simple and safe by eliminating the need to mix toxic chemicals and refill spray bottles. RidOf Soda Wipes produce incredible results without using harsh chemicals and sprays. The nontoxic food grade wipes are set to replace traditional cleaning methods within the club industry.

Bainbridge Technologies are so confident in the effectiveness of RidOf Soda Wipes if you aren’t fully satisfied you will get your money back within seven days of purchase.


Cooroy RSL was one of the first clubs to trial our product, as you can see in the below testimonial, General Manager, Tina Mayfield, was thoroughly impressed with the Soda Wipes:

29 June 2017

I would like to thank Bainbridge technologies for asking us to try a new product called soda wipes by Rid Off. We here at the Cooroy RSL pride ourselves on the cleanliness and hygiene of the Club at all times for the safety and comfort of our patrons. So much so we employ professional cleaners and only the best chemicals in order to do the most effective job required. That was until we tried the Soda Wipes.

I instructed the staff after a busy morning of bingo to wipe all the tables down with these wipes. All our tables are cleaned at the end of every shift, so believed these to be ready for service. Well after bingo and all the tables were cleaned down again, I was amazed at the difference.

I was also surprised to see how much grime was lifted onto the Soda Wipes. WOW. I was so impressed by this result that I wanted to see how well these wipes worked behind the bar and in our gaming area. We were so excited by these results that we can’t express enough to the company at how good they really work. You have to see it to believe it. Proof really is in the pudding.


Tina Mayfield General - Manager Cooroy & Citizens Club Inc.

Discover the benefits of simpler and safer cleaning with RidOf Soda Wipes, find out more information by  contacting Rachel Herz, Bainbridge Technologies QLD representative: Ph: 0427 475 119




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