PowerTop Wiring Diagrams


IMPORTANT: Don't use a high capacity DC-DC charger beyond the recommended charging current (max 25A).

Smart Alternator Baintech PowerTop

Standard D250SA Charger Wiring.dsn

 Smart Alternator Baintech PowerTop (OLD MODEL CTEK DUAL)

Powertop Installation Wiring Diagram On Smart Alternator

How do I connect my CTEKD250SA/Dual to the PowerTop?
The electronics in the blue socket are different and the CTEK 250SA needs to connect straight across the internal battery which is
accessed through the Grey socket.

If you have an external DC-DC charger they must meet the following requirements:

• 20A maximum charge current

• Bulk 14.2V

• Float 13.7V

If the DC-DC charger meets these requirements connect the device to the Grey Anderson connector labelled 50A Battery Output.

Standard Alternator Baintech PowerTop

If you want to charge the PowerTop from the vehicle alternator, connect a cable to the starter battery, connect the other end of the cable to the Blue Anderson Plug on the PowerTop labelled Vehicle charge input. Fuse the cable at the start battery end of the cable. The vehicle voltage must be above 13.2V to charge the PowerTop battery. Recommended fuse size is 35 AMPS max.

Powertop Installation Wiring Diagram On Standard Alternator

Tricolour Anderson Plugs

PT3 side diagram

The Baintech Anderson plug is designed to lock securely together and provide a solid connection between two cables. Rated for 50A. The Baintech PowerTop has three colour coded Anderson plugs on the side of the unit. These plugs can be used to connect to external charging inputs or loads. Each colour is keyed differently to ensure correct connection of loads and charging inputs.

RED ANDERSON: Solar/External
Accepts charging from UNREGULATED solar

BLUE ANDERSON: Vehicle charging input connection

GREY ANDERSON: Load connection to and from battery - Accepts charging
from a REGULATED solar power source only
• Accepts regulated solar only
• Protected by a 50A thermal self-resettable breaker
• Can be used for 12volt input and output power source in applications e.g: Inverter, DC-DC charger (from smart alternator),
high current AC-DC charger, or a regulated solar power source to charge the PowerTop

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