Tuff Stuff: BainTuff 180w Folding Solar Blanket

Solar technology has come an incredibly long way over the years. We now have ready access to the kind of solar technology that can harness the sun’s power with levels of efficiency we only ever used to dream of. Right at the forefront of solar technology is the BainTuff 180W Solar blanket 4x4

Have a look at its key features to keep you free camping for longer:

MASSIVE 180W POWER RATING: One of the most powerful solar power options on the market today, it’ll pump out up to 10 amps an hour on sunny days. - ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT: Weighing just 5kg it’s so easy to setup and pack up compared to traditional folding panels that can weigh three or four times as much. And when it’s packed away, it’s so small that you can store it under the bed or in a drawer!

EXTREME EFFICIENCY: We all know it’s rarely sunny all day, but the BainTuff blanket’s solar cells are able to harness maximum power even on cloudy or overcast days. The solar panel efficiency is up to 18%, while most of the similar products on the market are 15% or lower.

CHARGE YOUR MOBILE DEVICES DIRECTLY: Connect your phones and tablets to the in-built USB ports for high-speed, safe charging of mobile devices.

STABLE POWER: Traditionally, portable solar charging has not been considered a stable source of power. A solar panel powered by unstable sunlight leads to unstable current and voltage, which will shorten your devices life or even damage it. THE BainTuff blanket’s voltage regulator keeps a consistent current running to your device prolonging its life.

AUTOMATICALLY BUILT-IN USB IC: Most folding solar panels with a USB connector cannot charge some types of mobile phones due to not having an automatically recognised USB IC. The special IC in the BainTuff blanket makes the charging current as powerful as possible so the charging rate is a lot quicker, whereas other kinds of folding solar panels only consume some of the output current, making the charging time much longer.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Extend battery life by up to three times by maintaining correct charge levels. Save the environment and your wallet!

The BainTuff Solar Blanket will instantly connect to any solar regulator via the included, industry-standard Anderson connection so there’s no need for complicated wiring or costly modifications to your existing 12v system.

If being on the cutting edge of technology wasn’t enough, then the BainTuff Solar Blanket now comes in different colours – original orange, green khaki and gun-metal grey

It will also perfectly pair with the range of Baintech and CTEK auxiliary battery products:

         POWERTOP: Plug the BainTuff Solar Blanket directly into the PowerTop V3 and it will supply up to 10A of reliable power to keep the PowerTop’s 100Ah gel battery charged.

          CTEK D250SA AND SMARTPASS 120: Wire it directly to the D250SA and Smartpass 120 and our testing has shown that on sunny days you’ll see up to 15A of charging power going into your auxiliary battery bank!


Power Your Free Camping

More and more Australians are using solar to recharge batteries when they’re on the move. It’s a smart choice since solar has a long lifespan, power generation is quiet, and its low maintenance compared to a generator.

Solar options for free camping include:

  • BAINTUFF SOLAR PANELS: Hard or flexible fold out panels that can be moved around throughout the day to maximise sunstrike; they need to be stored, then set up and taken down every time you make and break camp, which might be too much effort at the end of a long drive
  • BAINTUFF 180W SOLAR BLANKET: Solar blankets which are lightweight, compact and flexible enough to follow the sun. They’re also easier to set up and pack up, and kilo for kilo they have a higher power output than traditional folding panels
  • Not only is setting up a breeze, but you can pick your set-up spot since it’ll work on your roof rack or bonnet, the top of your camper trailer, caravan or RV, or rolled out on the ground at camp. It’s weather resistant and it won’t scratch your paintwork, and as the afternoon rolls in and the sun shifts in the sky you can easily reposition it on your windscreen or the side of the roof rack to soak up every last ray. It doesn’t hurt that it also takes up less room in transit, since every extra kilo adds to fuel consumption, plus you’ll have space to fit in a few more six packs

Getting the maximum power output from your system means thinking carefully about each stage of the set up, so remember:

  • The size and type of solar panels determines the initial energy being fed into the system
  • The charge controller moderates the flow of power to the battery. A simple ‘shunt controller’ will switch off after a pre-set voltage is reached. A maximum point power tracker (MPPT) makes the current taper off gradually and can mean a 10 to 20 percent power boost from one panel.
  • Batteries are rated on amp-hours; the higher the amp hours the more power can be stored.

Two of our most popular solar solutions

Watch Graham Cahill review the Baintuff Solar Blanket

An Update on Awards, Expos and Additions to the Team from Michael Tyrrell, CEO

Outdoor shows are a great opportunity for Bainbridge Technologies to showcase our products with customers and consumers, and find out what they love about them. So, we were delighted with the response to the launch of the at the National 4x4 Outdoors Show, Fishing & Boating Expo at the Brisbane Showgrounds back in March. Customers were lining up to meet renowned Australian 4WD photojournalist Graham Cahill, and there was a huge amount of interest in the new products from 4WD, camper trailer, caravan and even boating customers. If you missed it, you can catch Graham's video here, and check out our blog about a recent marine installation of the CTEK D250SA + SMARTPASS 120 here.

We were also thrilled to be recognised with the Gold Award for the Terry Mahoney Excellence in Marketing at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo in Melbourne back in April; it’s the third time we've been recognised with this award having won Silver in 2015 and Gold in 2013. Thanks go to the hard-working marketing team, and the ongoing commitment to marketing of the whole team at Bainbridge Technologies.

While we’re on the topic of recognition I was also delighted to be featured as an industry legend in a recent AAAA magazine article. Our success comes from always striving to do a better job for customers, building a great team, and innovating; it’s how we do things at Bainbridge Technologies and why every recognition is the result of a team effort. Read the full article here.

Building a great team depends on getting great people, so I’m also delighted to welcome Brad Errington as the new WA account manager. Brad comes to us with over 20 years’ experience supplying the 4WD market, so he's well versed in our industry. Brad loves the opportunity to build relationships that come from business to business sales, so he fits in well with the team at Bainbridge. When he’s not dealing with customers Brad likes to keep up to date with industry developments: “my wife says she reads books and I read technical brochures”, he says, and the rest of the time he’s dad to two daughters aged eight and ten.

Finally, I’m just back from the Queensland Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow at the Brisbane Showgrounds. It was great to see such a wide range of people at the event, from young families and couples to off-road enthusiasts and grey nomads. Keeping up with trends and developments is crucial to meeting the needs of all our customers, and it's great to see the potential this leisure market offers our industry. I’ll be back next year!

P.S. Talking of meeting customer needs, the BAINTUFF Solar Blanket will soon be available in a variety of colours including original orange, green khaki, and gun metal grey. Get in early to place your order as we only have limited numbers of these new colours in our first batch.

Introducing our new Renewable Energy Solution: The GMDE Solar Storage System

The GMDE 5.2kW / 7.2kWh Solar Battery Storage System is a renewable energy solution that can help families save up to 70 percent of their household energy bills, and protect them from power outages.

Similar in concept to the Tesla Powerwall it’s a much more affordable option that will work in homes and small businesses, both on or off-grid.

It includes a hybrid inverter, lithium-ion battery packs and an energy meter. Each lithium-ion battery pack includes one box with two of 2.4kWh Lithium-ion batteries creating a 5.2kWh system. It’s modular in nature so two lithium-ion battery packs can combine to create a 7.2kWh system.

Other key features: 

  • It’s fully certified with AS4777 (AUS), IEC62109 and approved by the Clean Energy Council.
  • It can connect to DRED (“Demand Response Enabling Device”)
  • Battery packs could be charged or discharged up to 4000 times in their lifetime
  • It comes with up to 7 years’ system warranty
  • Integrated Energy Management System and backup function that's easy to install
  • Online web portal and smartphone apps available for timely system status monitoring

Bainbridge Technologies has partnered with GI Building Sciences who believe that everyone deserves smarter, safer and healthier options in building design and lifestyle. To learn more contact us on 1300 224 683.


Showcase your Business on Social Media – On Us!

Since late last year, we've been growing a highly engaged Facebook community of consumers who love our products.

We’d love to drive more consumers from our Facebook page to your stores so in July we’re running a trial Retailer Facebook Promotion Program, and we want you to take part.

To get involved all you need to do is:

1. Pick a team member who’s enthusiastic about 4WD, camper trailer, caravanning or boating and our products
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  • What they love about 4WD, camper trailer, caravanning or boating
  • What they love about one of the Baintech products
  • Promote your store and any special offers you’re running
  • Where your store is located
3. Post the video on your Facebook page and simply tag our Facebook page @bainbridgetechnologies

Video is a great way to connect with customers, but if there are no budding media stars in your team, then a word post on Facebook will work too. Just post and tag per the instructions above.

Remember to tag our Facebook page (which of course you’ve already liked), and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll share your post and even boost it to our engaged fans and friendly within a 100 kilometres radius of your store. So, don’t forget to include any special offers you’re currently running.

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