How do I prolong my battery life?

The batteries in your caravan, camper trailer or even your boat will continue to slowly discharge while parked in the garage between trips. It’s easy to prolong the life you’re your batteries and save yourself from wasting time and money replacing flat batteries, by following the guide below

Charge your batteries in their downtime with a maintenance charger

While your caravan, camper trailer or boat is sitting idle in the garage, your lead-acid battery will slowly self-discharge at a rate of 3-20% per month. So your battery will become deeply discharged if you don’t charge it regularly. The only way to overcome this is to use a reliable maintenance battery charger, which will keep your battery in good condition while it’s stored away between trips.

Never jump-start your battery

Don’t risk damage to your sensitive electronics by jump-starting your vehicle. Jump-starting batteries creates a huge surge of voltage which can cause irreparable damage to the vehicle’s computer system. It’s much safer to use a charger to bring the battery back to life.

Invest in a smart battery charger

If you invest in a reliable all-round charger you can maintain batteries in a range of your vehicles with one, easy to use battery charger. Bainbridge has a range of smart chargers suitable for almost any application. Most smart chargers are designed to avoid overcharging your batteries ensuring they don’t get permanently damaged. Maintaining you batteries regularly can even extend your battery life, and save you money in the long run.

Test your battery condition

Using products such as a battery monitor or a battery analyser. Gives you the ability to keep an eye on your battery status. The Keepower range of battery chargers, have built in easy-to-use Battery Testers enabling you to test your batteries before you drive.

Invest in a charger with additional functions

There are many different factors that can affect the life of your batteries. It’s best to invest in a  charger which has additional modes such as Desulphation mode, Boost mode or reconditioning mode to ensure you can solve a number of battery related problems.

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