How do I choose what kind of socket to use?


The kind of socket you choose depends on your power system. Different socket types have different advantages. See below for an overview of the different sockets you can use.

Ciga Socket

The ciga socket is your standard automotive connector. Originally used to house cigarette lighters in cars you will find a ciga socket in just about every vehicle. Because of this, ciga sockets have the broadest range of accessories.Baintech has a range of Ciga Sockets and plugs to suit any system.

Merit Socket inside

Merit Socket

Merit sockets are high quality heavy duty connections that are ideal for high current draw accessories. Merit Socket are smaller than both Ciga and Engel sockets and are becoming the new standard in automotive power connectors.Baintech has a range of Merit Sockets and plugs to suit any system.

Engel Socket inside

Engel Socket

Engel Sockets are designed with screw in connection ensuring your gear won't get disconnected even on the bumpiest road. Suitable for devices that need reliable connections such as the Engel fridge. Baintech has a range of Engel Sockets and plugs to suit any system.

BAINTECH Universal USB Socket Flush Mount

USB Socket

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and is a type of socket originally designed for fast transfer of information via computers as well as supplying power to peripheral devices. Current USB sockets are also used for smartphones, PDAs, Video Game consoles, and other portable devices. More modern, iPads, tablets, iPhones and Smart phones require a higher amperage USB socket to enable them to charge, this is because the higher functionality and memory capacity of thes devices require more power. Baintech's Universal USB Socket is capable of charging modern devices such as iPads. 

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