Introducing our new Renewable Energy Solution: The GMDE Solar Storage System

The GMDE 5.2kW / 7.2kWh Solar Battery Storage System is a renewable energy solution that can help families save up to 70 percent of their household energy bills, and protect them from power outages.

Similar in concept to the Tesla Powerwall it’s a much more affordable option that will work in homes and small businesses, both on or off-grid.

It includes a hybrid inverter, lithium-ion battery packs and an energy meter. Each lithium-ion battery pack includes one box with two of 2.4kWh Lithium-ion batteries creating a 5.2kWh system. It’s modular in nature so two lithium-ion battery packs can combine to create a 7.2kWh system.

Other key features: 

  • It’s fully certified with AS4777 (AUS), IEC62109 and approved by the Clean Energy Council.
  • It can connect to DRED (“Demand Response Enabling Device”)
  • Battery packs could be charged or discharged up to 4000 times in their lifetime
  • It comes with up to 7 years’ system warranty
  • Integrated Energy Management System and backup function that's easy to install
  • Online web portal and smartphone apps available for timely system status monitoring

Bainbridge Technologies has partnered with GI Building Sciences who believe that everyone deserves smarter, safer and healthier options in building design and lifestyle. To learn more contact us on 1300 224 683.


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