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For a limited time only when you buy a specially marked CTEK D250S Dual charger you will get a bonus CTEK Multitool inside the box!

This heavy duty multitool has all the essential tools for your next adventure, from bottle opener to screwdriver! It even fold down into a compact pocket sizes tool and comes with a carry pouch so you cen reach the tool you need anywhere anytime!


Multitool includes

  • Pliers
  • Bottle opener
  • Philipshead screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Small blade
  • Knife
  • Scisors
  • Small Saw
  • Folds down to about the size of a phone
  • Comes in a durable carry pouch

The CTEK D250S DUAL is a fully automatic 5-stage DC-DC charger that supplies 20A to 12V batteries from 40Ah - 300Ah.

The D250S Dual refines all DC sources including alternators and solar power, to perfectly match the amount of charge the battery requires whilst minimising charge time. The D250S Dual is a 20A multi-step charger that automatically adjusts the charging voltage and current according to the battery state of charge and temperature to ensure that the battery is safely optimised for performance. The D250S DUAL automatically selects the best connected DC energy source (of 2) for the purpose and switches between these energy sources to achieve high efficiency multi-stage charging.

Charging automatically starts as soon as DC energy is provided to the charger, such as from alternators when a vehicle is started or from solar panels when connected. The D250S DUAL has a temperature sensor which ensures optimal charging voltages at all temperature


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