Freedom and Convenience with the CTEK D250SA and BainTuff Solar Blanket

When your RV travels include off-grid adventures, or you’re looking to seek out the freedom of more remote locations, then this is the ideal solution. With direct connection for solar power, the D250SA and BAINTUFF 180W foldable solar blanket are the perfect pair. The D250SA features advanced built-in Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT), maximising the power from your solar.

Pairing with the Baintuff blanket is a great option because it can draw power from a solar source when the ignition is off. That means you can charge your batteries when you've set up camp to keep them in top condition. Buying a CTEK D250SA will save you money because it has an inbuilt solar regulator.

The CTEK D250SA is a fully automatic, 5-step DC-DC charger that supplies up to 20Amp of power to charge, condition and maintain your 12V lead acid service batteries via your alternator (as you drive) or solar (at camp). It has:

  • A special AGM function for AGM batteries which need to be charged at a higher voltage of 14.7V.
  • A temperature sensor that compensates for either hot or cold conditions, virtually eliminating the risk of your battery overheating or overcharging.

With a massive 180w power rating, the BainTuff solar blanket is one of the most powerful solar power options on the market today, it’ll pump out up to 10 amps an hour on sunny days.

We know you don’t have time to set up heavy panels, that’s why the blanket is the perfect option for your travels. Weighing just 5kg it’s so easy to setup and pack up compared to traditional folding panels that can weigh three or four times as much. And when it’s packed away, it’s so small that you can store it under the bed or in a drawer!

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