Dave Holec Joins the Forbes Batteries & Electronics Team at FarmFest

The Bainbridge Technologies North Brisbane Territory Sales Manager, Dave Holec, was more than happy to lend his support to the Forbes Batteries & Electronics team at the CRT FarmFest back in early June.


FarmFest is an institution in the Queensland farming community and the field days have been a ‘one-stop shop’ for farmers since 1974.


Bainbridge powered the Forbes stand with an off-grid system that included a Victron 24 Volt 3000VA Easy Solar, with two Victron Blue Solar Regulator MPPT 100/50, four 180 Amp AGM batteries, a Victron Colour Control GX Remote Panel and a Victron BMV702 Monitor.


The setup attracted a lot of interest from the farmers, particularly the new batteries and how to make batteries last longer with products such as the Victron BlueSmart IP65 Charger with DC connector.


Joining the Forbes team is just one example of the ways Dave, and the rest of the Bainbridge Technologies sales managers, go above and beyond for their customers. And Dave’s expertise on the ground also helped generate 40 or 50 sales leads. Well done!

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