Showcase your Business on Social Media – On Us!

Since late last year, we've been growing a highly engaged Facebook community of consumers who love our products.

We’d love to drive more consumers from our Facebook page to your stores so in July we’re running a trial Retailer Facebook Promotion Program, and we want you to take part.

To get involved all you need to do is:

1. Pick a team member who’s enthusiastic about 4WD, camper trailer, caravanning or boating and our products
2. Do a quick one-minute video on a smartphone including:
  • What they love about 4WD, camper trailer, caravanning or boating
  • What they love about one of the Baintech products
  • Promote your store and any special offers you’re running
  • Where your store is located
3. Post the video on your Facebook page and simply tag our Facebook page @bainbridgetechnologies

Video is a great way to connect with customers, but if there are no budding media stars in your team, then a word post on Facebook will work too. Just post and tag per the instructions above.

Remember to tag our Facebook page (which of course you’ve already liked), and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll share your post and even boost it to our engaged fans and friendly within a 100 kilometres radius of your store. So, don’t forget to include any special offers you’re currently running.

About Us

Bainbridge Technologies is one of Australia's leading Expert Power Systems Wholesaler...

Bainbridge Technologies brings together more than 30 years of DC and AC power systems expertise and reliable, world class products to support your business objectives with specialised off-grid power storage systems.