NEW Baintech Jump Starter

Emergency Power Anywhere, Anytime with the Baintech Jump Starter BT18

  • Powerful - 18000mAh
  • Compact - Fits in your glove box - 225mm x 89mm
  • Lightweight: weighs less than 1kg!
  • 3-in-1 Unit: Vehicle jumpstarter, power bank to charge devices and torch with 3 settings

From a 4WD track or campsite to an outback gravel road, at Bainbridge Technologies we know the most frustrating and potentially dangerous situation to face is to have a flat cranking battery in any of your vehicles.

Traditionally, a vehicle battery jump starter was a lead-acid battery with built in jumper cables, handy for roadside assistance, but not practical to carry around in your vehicle for emergencies. Now, there's a new solution in compact battery jump starter packs.

If you're stranded on the track, you can simply grab the Baintech Jump Starter (BT18) from your glove box, hook it up, and start your fourby. Not only will you have an LED light for safety, you can easily jump-start the car and charge-up your smartphone to give call your loved ones as well!




Jumps Package

Included accessories:

  • AC Charger
  • Car adaptor (ciga socket)
  • Jump Starter Clamps
  • 19v 3.5A output port for laptop
  • USB5V 2A Output Cable with 3 types of connections for various phone models

Case and accessories

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