Baintech Range


Baintech's range of reliable 12V DC power products are designed for the tough aussie environment. As one of Australia's largest ranges of DC accessories; Baintech products are specially designed to be reliable, and safe - avoiding short circuits and fires. Designed by our team of Power Systems Experts there are products in the baintech range to suit almost every application.


Baintech's Socket range is one of Australia's largest range of sockets.

  • Durable- sockets you can trust not to break
  • Robust - strong end plate design and UV stabilised PVC housing
  • Safe - sockets that prevent shorting and fires
  • Improved - new terminal designed to avoid short circuits
  • Diverse- large range of sockets for your power needs
  • Quality - with tinned copper inserts
  • Innovative – allowing you to charge your modern devices easily on the go





Off you go in your caravan, camper, boat or 4WD, ready for the good times and all hooked up with the appropriate battery system. But wait. Have you got the right battery meter or monitor to keep the good times going? From simple and inexpensive to more advanced with dual input, the Baintech meters range is sure to have something to suit your needs





Do you plan to go camping on your next big adventure? It would be great to really rough it, but camping isn't what it used to be. These days, when you take off in your 4WD, you need to power fridges, lights, GPS, smartphones, and perhaps even the kids' iPods.

With everyone's appliances using different plugs – from engel to merit, ciga and USBs – the standard ciga socket in your 4WD just isn't going to cut it. Suddenly, your plans for a simple getaway become more complicated. You'll be hard pressed to charge your mobile without upsetting someone at camp and be worried that a flat battery will stop you dead in your tracks.

To give you a stress free break, the technical team at Bainbridge Technologies have put together a solution, the Baintech Power Panel range. They are DIY easy install power panels with multiple sockets and different combinations of ciga, merit, engel and USB outlets.  These panels will easily keep all your appliances connected - so everyone's happy.


Dual Battery Systems

Let's face it: there aren't going to be any tow trucks or roadside assist where you're headed: off the beaten track. No one but hardcore 4WD adventurers will be going your way, and it will be a heck of hike home if you get stuck out there with a flat battery.

Don't risk it. Think about how you're going to get home NOW, before you go camping, winching, running your radio, lights and even your fridge out there in no-man's-land and ending up stranded far from civilisation with a dead battery.

A Baintech Dual Battery Kit is your foolproof, affordable and durable 'insurance policy' to ensure you get home safe and sound.

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