Baintech AC & DC Pack


Simple and easy to use the Baintech AC & DC pack combines a Baintech Universal Power Panel and Baintech 150W pocket inverter, giving you access to both AC & DC Power


 Surface mount and foolproof to DIY install, and The Baintech Universal Power Panel not only lets you power up multiple devices, it also lets you manage your power usage (with an LCD backlit volt meter), protect your electronics (with fused circuit protection), safeguard your battery (with auto low voltage disconnect) and dig deep into your battery if you need to (with auto disconnect bypass). The Baintech Universal Power Panel is as rough and tough as any of your adventures, cased in hardy anodized aluminum to ensure it won't rust.

Simply connect the Baintech Pocket inverter to any ciga socket to access modified sine wave power for your AC appliances. Suited to less sensitive appliances the Baintech 150W inverter works with AC appliances up to 150W.



Available in 3 combinations

This great deal is only available until the 30th of September 2015 so to get your hands on this great pack visit one of our fantastic stockists

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