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  • Meters and monitors let you take charge of your power system and stay in full control so you don’t cut short your next adventure.

    For many of us when we get away in our 4WDs, camper trailers or even our boats, we’re using a dual battery system to power everything from fridges, winches, phones to kitchen appliances.

  • Powerboat cruising enthusiasts Neil and Maria bought their 2011 Mustang 2800 Series II, ‘Imagination’, in January 2017 and were looking forward to long relaxing weekends on the water, enjoying the peace and serenity of the open ocean.

  • These days you really can take all the modern conveniences of home with you out in the bush. A quality inverter can turn the 12v power out of your batteries into 240v power to run laptop chargers, TVs and even microwaves and coffee machines! Here’s what you need to know when selecting an inverter. 

  • As Aussies’ love affair with the great outdoors increases, so too has their reliance on smartphone apps. This combination is driving technological advancements in 12V technology, giving even more good times on the road and out bush. There is nothing worse than getting ready to pack up your vehicle for your next trip to find out your battery is flat. Or worse still, getting to your destination and having your battery go flat in a day or two, cutting your holiday short.

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