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  • Modern Caravans, Campers, and Motorhomes can be powered by both 240v when at a powered site and by batteries (usually 12v or 24v) when mains power is not available.

  • Don’t kill your battery by neglect! It’s essential to correctly charge your deep cycle batteries to prolong your batteries life. Therefore investing in a quality charger that will correctly charge your batteries is crucial.

    Don’t leave the battery deeply discharged for an extended period of time. Charge it as soon as your back to shore.

  • If you are wanting to travel off-grid for a longer trip, you will want to ensure you have the right charging methods to keep your auxiliary batteries charged, your lights on and your fridge cold.

  • Van lifers are steadily becoming a modern phenomenon across the world. Constantly improving lithium batteries are powering this increasingly popular off-grid lifestyle for those who choose it long term, and even indefinitely. You can go online to see just how many van lifers are sharing their experiences and how they attribute the comfort of their lifestyle to the reliability of their batteries.

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