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Caravan system installations are often labor intensive and costly due to complex cable harnessing and the multiple components involved. The Glider solution: modular components - designed with push in cable connections which streamline installs, and create consistency across every system fitted. The Baintech Glider is a smart integrated caravan management system, delivered as one complete system.


  • COST REDUCTION: Push in cable connection design reduces labor time, resulting in cost reduction
  • ONE SUPPLIER: Complete off the shelf system - reduces management cost of stock and supply chain
  • 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: Quality and reliability
  • MODULAR DESIGN: Integrated module functions in one complete management system
  • SMART MONITORING: The central monitor uses smart technology to display and monitor crucial caravan data
  • EASY OPERATION: Pre-programmed back-lit switch panel to control AC/DC loads

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To adapt to the increasing consumer demand for OFF-GRID, we’ve designed the Glider caravan management system with OFF-GRID functionality.


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For more information on the Glider system, contact:

Eric Groom | M 0419 608 828 | E

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