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The ultimate 12V 4WD and camping power management system

The new CTEK D250SA, 5-step charger, gives 4WDers the flexibility and ease of quickly charging up your service batteries from either traditional or smart alternators or from solar power. It will even give your starter battery a maintenance charge when your service batteries are fully charged.


Used independently CTEK’s D250SA and the SMARTPASS120 are superb, but combined, especially for service batteries larger than 100Ah, they become the ultimate power management system. Together these smart products can deliver up to 140A to your service batteries while you’re on the move.


This dynamic duo is the ultimate 140A power system that allows you to manage and control your power more reliably. So make sure CTEK is one of your mates when you head off on your next big adventure.


The 20A DC/DC Charger-D205SA features;

  •          A 5-step charger to quickly charge up your service batteries from either traditional or smart alternators or from solar power
  •          Smart alternator compatibility
  •           Special AGM function, featuring a selectable 14.7V for AGM batteries, as well as a 14.4V option for other batteries
  •           An advanced in-built Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT), maximising the power from your solar panels
  •           Temperature compensation

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