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FeaturedProduct-PowerTopThe new Baintech PowerTop

Ready to go right off the shelf, this dynamic plug-and-play system features a 12V 100Ah gel battery and built-in three-way charging that makes operation smooth and easy. With charging inputs for AC, DC and solar, you're free to charge anywhere, any time.

It features a range of inputs for including the new Baintech LockOn socket for securing important loads over the roughest off-road tracks.

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    Sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your batteries will continue to supply you with energy for a specific length of time. With the CTEK 100A OFF ROAD charging system installed in your 4WD, motorhome, or caravan, your batteries will offer maximum performance and output and achieve their full service life.

    The CTEK 100A OFF ROAD charging system is the ultimate 12 V power supply solution for people who spend a lot of time OFF ROAD.

    Designed for anyone wanting to charge their batteries with energy generated from a range of sources, such as generators, solar panels and wind power. The CTEK 100A Off Road guarantees you that your service battery is never fully discharged.

    • D250S DUAL charger optimises your energy

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    Managing Director of Bainbridge Technologies Michael Tyrrell today announced the release of the powerful new CTEK 100A Charging System, in time for Christmas. This system is designed especially for the Australian market and people who love off road adventure.

    “This Christmas, we want our 4WD and camping customers to feel confident knowing the CTEK 100A Charging System gives them access to the power they need to enjoy the good times on their holiday,” Mr Tyrrell said.

  • If a Christmas camping trip is on your agenda, it’s time to prepare. At Bainbridge Technologies, we’ve put our heads together to help make sure your 12V power system is up to scratch, and you’re ready to power up the good times.

    Completing a few simple checks on your dual battery system, before your summer holiday, can save you from being stuck with a flat battery when you should be relaxing and enjoying the sun, surf and sand.

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